December 24, 2008

My Paypal Account is Verified Now

What a lazy crafter! I wrote no entry for these last days. But, I had a good news which pushed me to write now. It's about my steps in making my PayPal account completed. It's already finished yesterday. My account now is verified, and i still feel surprised. Wow!! Great!
I have sent my handmade wooden brooch pin to several countries, for example: UK, Ireland, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and France. But I always use western union as a tool of transferring money/payment. Some of my customer asked me about making payment by PalPal, and I always said "I don't use it yet..."
I hope my customer will make a payment easier started from now. They will visit my blog, enjoy the pictures, and if they like some of it, then just click on "Buy Now" whenever they like to do. More new customer will come hopefully.
Have a nice day! Have you made your own handmade craft today?

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